Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Friends.

I am in the field of communication since last 30 years. I started my career as a radio annoucer. I broadcast for tiny tots to senior citizens, for industrial workers to elite people. This gave me good exeperience in the field of different levels of communications. I am in the field of creative writting since long. I enjoy it. I wrote for radio, television, stage & few Gujarati films. I am honoured by Gujarat Govt. as a best lyricist. There are five publications of my peotry. Leading singers have sung my songs. They all are available in the market. I write a weekly colum in Gujarat Samachar on every wednesday: Ek Be Ne Sada Tran. I discuss current issues and social problems. I try to bridge the gap between two genrations.
My goal is to bring my mother tounge Gujarati in the limelite. Gujarati Youth is very talented and are shining in many fields. But they do not speake, read or listen Gujarati. Their language of communication is English. As a student of Lingustics I firmly believe that it will be easier to learn mother tounge then any other language. With due respect for English I love my Gujarati. It is an irony that I am writting this blog in English due to my limited knowledge of computer. I hope to write in gujarati at the earliest.